Exceptional 19th & 20th Century Ceramics
Restoration of Ceramics & Glass
Cannondale Village
26 Cannon Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Studio:  203.247.6164
email: [email protected]
Selection of Antique Japanese Awaji and Kyoto pots.
A small colllction of very fine Antique Minpei (Awaji) Japanese pitchers and a brush washer.
Antique Awaji Pottery wall pockets, tea sets, and more ....
Carved Awaji Pottery, Vintage Lamps, Ebony Elephant.
Kyoto and Awaji Bottle Vases, Awaji Drip Pots.
Antique and Vintage Awaji Pottery.
French Art Deco Rattan Chair.
Antique and Vintage Art Pottery.
Vintage Italian Pottery.
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